Saturday, July 16, 2011

Where there's a will...

I have come to the belief that some people are born with the ability to "craft." I have also come to the belief that I was not born with said ability.  My mother was also not blessed with the crafting gene.  Birthdays are usually celebrated with a store bought cake and gift bags.  We were the kids on the block with the plastic Halloween costumes that you bought at the drug store.  You know the kind.  We never once won a costume contest at school...

I remember once as a teenager going to my grandmother (who somehow got the crafty gene) and asking her to teach me to sew.  We started simple, I wanted to make a plain a-line skirt.  After about an hour or three of  trying to get one seam sewn my grandmother deemed me unable to sew and finished the skirt for me.  

Surely though certain levels of craftiness can be learned, right???  That's what I aim to find out.  I have already tried my hand at a couple of crafts.  After the birth of my first child I wanted to have a scrapbook of her first year.  My sister volunteered to do it for me but I wanted it to have my own touch so I tried scrapbooking, and lo and behold I actually enjoyed it.  I'm not going to say I am particularly great at it...yet.  I will post some pictures of my efforts at another time.  I've also tried my hand at making a couple of hair bows.  They aren't totally disastrous but I don't think anyone would shell out any dough for them.

So, here's my list of things I am going to give an earnest attempt:
Sewing, cake decorating, bow making, photography, flower arrangements and anything else that comes to mind or is suggested to me.  I will keep you all posted...wish me luck!

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