Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In a crafty state of mind...

It's great living here in our new home.  We are able to decorate and hang things on the walls, which is a luxury coming from our old home where we could not.  I had fun decorating baby brother's room and have it just like I want it.  Sister's room, however, has been seriously lacking in the cute decor department.  She has been asking me for weeks when I was going to decorate her room.  "Sure," I'd think, "I'll get right on that."  Only problem is, I don't currently have anything to go in her room.  Everything that she owns is already out and we just do not have the money to buy anything new right now.  So, out of desperation I started perusing the internet, going to such places as Stumbleupon and Pinterest.  I happened to come across the idea to turn shoe box lids into art.  I found many different ways to do this, some using fabric (which I don't have) and others using Mod Podge (which I also don't have).  So I went scavenging around the house and found two small shoe box lids and a cache of scrapbook paper.  I dug around in the craft cabinet until I found an old glue stick that hadn't yet dried up and set to work while brother was napping.

Getting started with my supplies on hand.

Once I decided on my paper I trimmed it to size and wrapped it around the lid, using tape and glue to make sure it stayed put.

Here's the finished product.  I just played around with the paper. I have a heart hole-punch and made the "Z" free hand.

All hung up.  I had intentions of having the big lid lying horizontally but got distracted in my creative efforts, realizing my mistake too late.  Oh, well.

I have also spent a good portion of the afternoon in the garage painting, but those are different crafts for different posts.  Happy crafting my friends!!

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